Spring Party Style Guide

Spring is in full bloom and with the new season, comes fun parties, events and holidays. These gatherings are the best time to hit refresh on your spring style and there is nothing we love more than the chance to create a style guide for each new season. Having trouble deciding what to wear where? Black Halo has everything you need to put a little “spring” in your style!



Spring Style Guide: Wedding

[Left] Shop: Breleigh Sheath

[Right] Shop: Elliston Cocktail Sheath

Wedding season is officially here! For a daytime wedding, the Breleigh Sheath dress  is simply breath-taking. The dress hugs the body in the right places and the floral print adds pops of spring. For an evening wedding, go for an elegant look! The Elliston Cocktail Sheath dress mixes sexy and sophisticated and is perfect for an evening celebrating love.

Spring Style Guide: Baby Shower


[Left] Shop: Meilani Jumpsuit

[Right] Shop: Lively Sheath

Baby showers are centered around food and fun. With that being said, go for a look that is comfortable yet classy. For a more dressy shower, the Meilani Jumpsuit is a must! The baby blue detail and breathable design will make playing party games effortless while you look fabulous. For a more casual shower, the Lively Sheath dress is a good choice. This soft pink dress adds a subtle level  of chic and just happens to look perfect with a pair of sneakers .

Spring Style Guide: Night Out


[Left] Shop: Amorie Cocktail Sheath

[Right] Shop: Lena Color Block Jumpsuit

Get ready to bring out those cool whites and silver tones! Don’t shy away from adding a little bit of sparkle to your evening- the Amorie Cocktail Sheath dazzles in the night lights and will leave you feeling like a star! Going out dancing? Try the Lena Color Block Jumpsuit. Not only will you look beautiful, but you will be able to move effortlessly on the dance floor.

Spring Style Guide: Easter

[Left] Shop: Sambora Sheath

[Right] Shop: Pabla Sheath

Easter celebrations are full of so many beautiful colors. Try these looks for church, brunch, and family gatherings. Easter wouldn’t be the same without timeless pieces, which is why we recommend the Sambora Sheath and Pabla Sheath. The Sambora Sheath is great option for a church or chilly weather because it has long sleeves. The Pabla Sheath is another fantastic pick for Easter because it features a gorgeous floral print and high cut neck.


No matter which parties you are headed to this spring, make your presence memorable in one of these gorgeous looks.